to have in time even forced to wear wigs

The work of the actor is more stressful and difficult than you think, sometimes leading to negative consequences, psychological or physical, for those who practice this profession.

And 'the case of the beautiful Keira Knightley long synthetic wigs, that soon will meet again in the role of the dragée fairy in the Disney narrative of "Nutcracker". Always wonderful in the plans of various social events, however, revealed to be an important problem with which he had to deal.

The 31-year-old actress said that about 5 years ago lost a lot of hair, because of the different colors in which it was subjected to filming films. Hair loss has become so important to have in time even forced to wear wigs.

The revelation came in response to a question from InStyle magazine who asked what was the greatest risk faced throughout his career from the point of view of looks. "I dye my hair almost every color possible and imaginable for several movies. The situation is so bad that my hair literally began to fall off my head. I have used "wigs in the last five years.



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